Smokey Mountain Man Beard Oil by Papa Dubs Grooming

  • February 12, 2016
  • Bobert Brush
Specimen #: 005 Oil Name: Smokey Mountain Supplier: Papa Dubs Grooming Sample Size: 25ml Origin: Australia
Carrier Oils: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil  
Essential Oils: Frankincense, Myrrh, Coffee, Vanilla and Cinnamon., Vitamin E Oil  

Project scorecard

Buy now "A sophisticated beard oil full of subtle aromas that delivers a genuine therapeutic benefit. Recommended."

Opening Comments

papa dubs logoFriday is a day of relaxation in Bobert Brush’s household.

But one can’t relax for too long, when there is a beard oil review to perform.

So I sat down to enjoy my morning coffee and nonchalantly began the process of opening the latest oil to chance upon my desk.

This brew from WA artisan Papa Dubs is branded the Smokey Mountain Man and arrives to greet you in a professionally stamped cardboard box, with a somewhat cool business card and instruction leaflet – lest you not happen to be an experienced hand in the act of applying beard oil.

The bottle was innocent enough, but after I broke the seal to sniff the mixture, it became apparent I was dealing with one seriously sophisticated oil!

Would this be the best beard oil ever? Let’s find out.


The scent of the Smokey Mountain Man mixture lingered for 50 minutes after application, which places it well above the benchmark average.

Of particular interest is the manner in which this oil lingers. In fact, the character of the aroma subtly starts to change after the first ten minutes and you are left to appreciate sublime notes of coffee and vanilla gently wafting their way up from your beard into your nostrils.

A most pleasing experience and another sign of the sophistication that Papa Dubs has achieved with this oil.

70% Above average


Emanation of this blend was pleasing but average. This is a beard oil for a man that keeps his cards close to his chest, just where they should be. Despite a full head-submersion and multiple salt-water nostril cleanses, the aroma did not emanate past the 1 foot boundary line.

50% Average

Emotional Response

After the initial clues to the aroma that I was given from sniffing the bottle, I was full of anticipation to apply this oil and savor the full depth of sensory experience.

Upon application my facial muscles immediately produced a large smile and an involuntary “ahhhh” escaped my lips. At this stage the high immediately kicked-in.

I smoked the most intricately hand-rolled cigars ever known to civilization, each taking an entire year’s labor for a village-women to cure, roll and adorn with love; I wore a heavy suit woven of the finest linens your mind can image, whilst I sat back and sipped the most achingly smooth and subtle whiskeys ever created with the greatest and most wealthy industrial geniuses of the past five hundred years. I was the founder and chief of a Victorian gentleman’s club. My testicles swole to the size of watermelons and I instantaneously fathered 3000 children. My intellectual clarity increased exponentially and I momentarily understood the secrets of ancient Egyptian technology and glimpsed the lives and souls of the next 17 generations of my family. In the very same moment I existing as a savage, machete-carrying native of a coconut-palm laden paradise, with the raw strength – though not quite the desire – to tear his enemies’ limbs from their sockets at his will.

This lasted for approximately 8 seconds and then I came immediately back down to baseline, left only with pleasing streams of Coconut, Vanilla and Coffee swirling around me.

A rich, deep and soothingly sophisticated beard oil.

90% Top Notch!


The Smokey Mountain Man absolutely hurtled its way down the glass substrate! It took off with such a velocity as I have never seen before in a beard oil. However, it began to tire as it reached the end quartile of the 43cm glass substrate and finally came in at an extremely respectable 45 seconds.

There is no real sense of greasiness associated with this oil. It is absorbed easily into the hair and does not leave any greasy residue. This is due to the Coconut Oil base that the crew at Papa Dubs have intelligently chosen to adopt.

80% Very good.

Hair Impact

The coconut base of the Smokey Mountain Man oil performs a creditworthy job of conditioning the beard hair and leaves ones beard looking lustrous and shiny.

My beard felt soft and conditioned after the application of this oil and I could almost feel the nutrients being absorbed into each individual beard hair.

Interestingly, this blend did not make any impact on the physical hardness of the bristles as measured by the “blu-tac” test. This could represent a case for reviewing this aspect of the methodology in the future.

Given the softness and shine manifested, I am awarding an:

80% Outstanding!

Skin Impact

I applied this oil to the skin around my beard and I can say that even within ten minutes the oil was 90% absorbed and left my skin feeling soft and healthy.

You just can’t get away from the fractionated coconut oil base of this product, that delivers consistent results. Top quality.

80% consistently delivers


This beard oil weighs in at $13.50 AUD + $8.25 P&P. This equates to $21.75 for a 25ml bottle. The price per ml is therefore $0.87

The average cost of beard oil is $1 per ml and according to the standard methodology a value score of 5 will be awarded for the average. In this case, Papa Dub’s brew is a little cheaper than average with no compromise on quality.

I therefore award:

60% Above average


So, overall, based on the weighted factoring of all criteria, the Smokey Mountain Man Beard Oil by Papa Dubs Grooming scores an:


A sophisticated beard oil full of subtle aromas and that delivers a genuine therapeutic benefit. Highly recommended.

papa dubs beard oil box
  1. Many thanks for taking the time to review my beard oil.
    I’ve worked hard on the oil, fragrances and packaging.

    papa dubs

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