Organic Argan Beard Oil by Ruffians

  • February 28, 2016
  • Bobert Brush

Opening Comments

ruffians shop of beard oilsOne of the fascinating things about being a beard oil collector is experiencing the diversity of the beard oil economy. I get to see the entire range of the world’s beard oil producers. Boutique artisan apothecaries, backyard brewers, large commercial producers and then another category: barbershops or similar outlets who have naturally expanded their goods and services to cater for the oily needs of the bearded gent.

Today’s specimen makes its way to us from the UK, from leading boutique barbershop Ruffians.

These guys specialise in the authentic hair cut and cut-throat shave experience. Something Bobert Brush has been seeking for some time! They brew their beard oil in-store on a monthly basis, where its bottles, syringes and oils all over the place, I’m informed!

The recipe itself is beautifully simple. We see the clean and simple combination of apricot and crambe seed oil combined with the refreshing scents of lemon and tea tree!

Let’s see what Bobert Brush has to say about it.


Ruffian’s is a lightweight and invigorating oil – not one that has a strong, long-lasting heavy perfume.

This specimen lingers very subtly for around 45 minutes after application.

Compared to a 30 minute benchmark this is above average.

65% – Above Average


Again, this is an intimate, personal scent that I reckon a bearded gent would use to refresh himself each morning before setting out on a hard day’s labour.

The aroma is kept within personal range and is for ones personal refreshment and the pleasure of ones loved ones (or anybody else that leans in for a hug).

In the formal test, the specimen scored 1.25 metres on the emenation stick – just above average.

75% – Pleasantly Subtle.

Emotional Response

Lemon and tea tree are a simple yet elegant combination.

I was first hit with a potent, sweet slap around the chops from an intense burst of lemon that went directly up my nostrils and out of my ears.
Just a wonderfully invigorating and nourishing blend of aromatic goodness!


95% – Wonderful

ruffians beard oil review closeup


The Ruffian’s is a really light oil, in fact it’s virtually colorless! I would say this is definately the mildest shade out of all 19 specimens I have collected so far.

When you look into the bottle the stuff literally shimmers and gleams out at you like a magical elixr. I am not exaggerating.

I was itching to see how it would perform in the formal greasiness race.

The specimen screamed its way to the finish line in a mere 18 seconds (compared to 30 second baseline), which puts it in joint first place in this test!

This was backed up by my observations. Simply not greasiness at all.

98% for greasiness. Exceptional.

Hair Impact

I was really looking forward to trying out this specimen and observing its impact on my beard hair. I always pay very close attention and – believe it or not – yes each beard oil does have it’s own particular character and effects on the hair!

The Ruffians crew have included apricot kernal and crambe seed oil in their recipe!

Apricot kernal is one of the very few oils that is made of 100% lipid molecules small enough to penetrate your hair cortex!

And crambe seed oil is incredibly high in erucic acid, which I’m told gives the beard a really healthy sheen.

I can honestly say I wasn’t dissapointed. In fact, I was genuinely impressed.

The Ruffians mixture gives a really healthy sheen and lustre to the beard, whilst maintaining its characteristic lightweight feel. It feels almost like a silicone rather than an oil. What a great blend!

Just really nourishing, good stuff!

96% for hair impact – Just great!

Skin Impact

Likewise, with skin impact, I wanted to test out this magical elixr to its full capabilities.

So I went one step further than usual and smeared the stuff all over my face!

Within ten minutes the sauce was completely absorbed and my skin was left moisturized and noticeably healthier looking – but most importantly dry. It didn’t feel like I had just applied oil to my face at all!

I would actually recommend this product as an all-over face oil.

I’m really impressed.

98% for skin impact. Effective.


A 30ml bottle of Ruffian’s Organic Argan Beard Oil will cost you £35 (GBP) with P&P (within UK) of £4.50 for a Total Price of £39.50. International postage is available and priced at checkout.

This equates to £1.32 per ml.

My complete analysis of the UK beard oil industry tells us the average market price of beard oil in the UK is exactly $0.60 per ml.

Therefore the Ruffians blend is well over the market average and in fact of the 90 major beard oil producers in the UK, is the forth most expensive.

However, when calculating the Value score, I award adjustments to reflect elements of value that cannot be determined by price per ml alone. In this case, one has to consider the uniqueness of the product. The fact is it’s just not possible to aquire an apricot and crambe seed blend like this elsewhere. Therefore – and in view of the excellent performance in both Aroma and Therapy – I will award an adjustment of 50% for uniqueness.

As such, I grade the Organic Argan Beard Oil:

54% for Value. Average.


So, overall, based on the weighted factoring of all criteria, the Organic Argan Beard Oil by Ruffians scores an awesome:


An incredible blend that nourishes deeply whilst remaining lightweight. Strongly Recommended.

Bobert Brush

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