Viridian Green by Risu Beard Oil

  • November 8, 2016
  • Bobert Brush
Oil Name: Viridian Green Supplier: Risu Beard Oil Sample Size: 30ml Origin: Finland
Carrier Oils: Argan, Grapeseed, Apricot Kernel, Sea Buckthorn, Sunflower  
Essential Oils: Basil, Rosemary, Vetiver, Frankincense  

Project scorecard

Buy now "A top-quality package that ticks all the boxes. This product shines and would make an outstanding gift"

Opening Comments

It’s not every day I get a specimen arrive from Finland.

Well… I had been a little curious about the Finish beard oil industry.

But what’s so great about Finland anyway?

Well, apparently quite a lot.

It’s the most literate nation in the world, boasts the most saunas per capita, is the home of competitive wife carrying – and has the world’s freest press.

OK. I’m sold!

But what about their beard oil?

Leading the pack of Nordic hounds out of the gate is Risu Beard Oil, with their Viridian Green. Owner Linus Weckstrom is confident in his product and wanted to pit it against its global counterparts via The Beard Oil Pledge.

Well Bobert Brush is game.

I’m an impartial beard oil scientist and won’t be bribed by any offers of steaming hot karelian pies.

Let’s see how the Viridian Green stands up to the rigors of my beard oil review methodology.


First test is always lingerability.

I recorded the subtle tones of Risu’s mixture dancing in and out of my nostrils – sometimes brazenly, othertimes barely detectable – for 117 minutes.

This is significantly above the industry benchmark of 30 minutes.

94% Wonderful


The Vividian Green is getting off to a good start.

It scores bang on the nose with emanation.

1.35 feet precisely – as measure by my patented emanation metre – after a double salt-water nostril cleanse.

It’s a subtle and complex aroma that stays close to a man’s whiskers.

79% Subtle & Stoic

Emotional Response

The Viridian Green’s aromatic recipe is based on a wonderful concoction of four essential oils.

Namely basil, rosemary, vetiver and frankincense.

It’s a warming, almost spicy aroma of surprising complexity. The frankincense brings out tones from the herbs that you would never expect.

One minute it’s musky, the next sweet – and then later on it’s as if I’m travelling through a woodland.

The bottle itself is top quality.

The oil shines a rich golden glimmer.

When I hold this specimen in my hand I feel as a smart gentlemen who has gathered a top quality product from half way around the globe into his household.

Frankly impressive.

95% – Stylish

review risu leaflet


Perhaps Finnish sourced argan oil is less greasy that those found elsewhere in the world.

We normally see argan oil tending a little on the greasy side.

But not so here. Whatever the reason, the overall effect is nourishing but not greasy.

94% Impressive

Hair Impact

The Risu crew have been intelligent in their crafting of this product.

Incorporated into the recipe are two gems: apricot kernel oil and sea buckthorn seed oil.

Both these little stars have demonstrated their performance in my labs on previous occasions.

The hair of my beard was palpable softened – and it seemed as if almost every individual hair were distinctly visible. A sign of a subtle lustre.

89% Great

Skin Impact

This oil delivered in the skin impact test as well.

Probably because of that buckthorn oil – the skin in among my beard looked moisturized and fresh.

89% Effective


A 30ml bottle of Viridian Green will set you back €39.90, inclusive of postage. Shipping within Europe is available, but not the US – yet.

This equates to a price per ml of €1.33.

Now normally I determine a country’s median price per ml for beard oil, based on a complete analysis of their beard oil industry.

However, in the case of Finland, I haven’t yet completed such a study.

Therefore, I’ve got no data to go by.

However, compared to the UK median price of £0.60, the Viridian Green is a little on the expensive side.

But for that, you do get an outstanding quality product that you’ll be proud to keep by your bedside.

75% Reasonable


So, overall – based on the weighted factoring of all criteria – the Viridian Green by Risu Beard Oil scores an awesome:


A top-quality package that ticks all the boxes. This product shines and would make an outstanding gift.

Bobert Brush

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