Orient Spice by Peregrine Supply Co.

  • November 8, 2016
  • Bobert Brush
Oil Name: Orient Spice Supplier: Peregrine Supply Co. Sample Size: 30ml Origin: Canada
Carrier Oils: Grapeseed, Coconut, Jojoba, Castor  
Other Elements: Secret fragrance  

Project scorecard

Buy now "An old-school, heady, spicy mixture. Peregrine's package will nourish your beard to its very roots"

Opening Comments

What kind of person would name their company after a peregrine falcon?

What kind of products would they sell?


Tyler from Vancouver, BC is the answer. And his company Peregrine Supply Co. provides all manner of boutique specialties, such as soap, pomade and – most importantly – top beard oils.

When this wonderful looking specimen dropped in upon Bobert Brush’s desk, I almost plastered my keyboard with my half-masticated salmon sandwich!

We’ve got a shockingly well thought out blend of carrier oils – in form of coconut, jojoba and castor.

The fragrance itself is somewhat mysterious.

Only an allusion to a fragrance is given on the packaging – which bares the name “Orient Spice”.

What does this bode?

Let’s find out.


Starting with lingerability, the Orient Spice didn’t disappoint.

I performed the sniff test, routinely inhaling every 60 seconds.

It came in just above the benchmark average, with a 37 minute lingering.

75% Passable


Peregrine Supply have brewed their recipe well.

It’s strong enough to float out of your whiskers and up into your nostrils.

Yet subtle enough to be a manly and sophisticated fragrance that a gent wishes to keep close to his chest.

In the formal test it scored above benchmark with a 1.26 ft emanance.

80% Just right

Emotional Response

I was really keen to sample the aroma of the Orient Spice – and it didn’t disappoint.

A warming and personal scent.

It speaks to you in soft tones of cinnamon, star anise and ginger. It whispers in your ear secrets of nutmeg and clove. And faintly – whilst doing so – it suggests the sweet astringent essence of a Canadian pine forest.

A paradoxically masculine yet whimsical scent – for a man with big things on his mind.

92% – Unique!

star anise


We have a leader in its field here.

Grapeseed oil is notorious for its non-greasy properties. When combined with coconut oil, this makes for a nourishing and ‘dry’ recipe indeed.

In the formal race, the specimen scored a wicked 15 seconds down the glass substrate.

93% Well formulated

Hair Impact

I was pleasently surpised as how well the Orient Spice nourished my hair.

Of particular note was the fact that the next day after applying this stuff, my beard felt particularly soft. I was inclined to stroke it continuously!

You just can’t argue with coconut oil.

95% Excellent

Skin Impact

I speculate that the jojoba oil in this recipe helps it to nourish the skin.

I had a small nodule of beardruff manifesting under my beard on the day I tried this specimen.

The next day – it was gone.

89% Does the job


A 30ml bottle of Orient Spice will set you back $21.30, with Postage of $5.99 (within Canada). International shipping is available and priced at checkout.

Therefore, the price per ml is a mere $0.91

My full industry analysis of Canadian beard oil tells me the median price per ml for beard oil produced in Canada is $1 (CAD) precisely.

As such, the Orient Spice is just under the average market price – being in the lower 42nd percentile. This gives it a base value score of 58%.

However, I am also awarding a 22% adjustment for uniqueness. You can’t buy a scent quite like this anywhere else (as far as I know so far).

80% Good


So, overall, based on the weighted factoring of all criteria, the Orient Spice by Peregrine Supply Co scores an awesome:


An old-school, heady, spicy mixture. Peregrine’s package will nourish your beard to its very roots.

Bobert Brush

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