Peppermint & Lemon Peel by The Old Street Barber Co.

  • May 29, 2016
  • Bobert Brush
Specimen #: 012 Oil Name: Peppermint & Lemon Peel Supplier: Old Street Barber Co. Sample Size: 30ml Origin: UK
Carrier Oils: Sweet Almond oil  
Essential Oils: Peppermint, Lemon Peel, Vitamin E  

Project scorecard

Buy now "An intense minty extravaganza with a really cool bottle and pump action applicator."

Opening Comments

old street beard oil review notepadThis specimen comes directly from The Old Street Barber Co, who hail – as it happens – from London, England.

James, the master beardsman behind this company is hugely passionate about his craft, so I had high expectations from his recipe and was looking forward to putting it through its paces.

The packaging almost blew my head off when I first saw it: a large chrome cylinder, stamped all over with bold uppercase typeset. My cynical side started to set in. It also sports a “pushbutton” applicator, which I was somewhat dubious about.

However, Bobert Brush is not a prejudice man and I approached the grading with an completely open mind, as I always do when working my magic.

In reality, the applicator works superbly! It takes the guess work out of hand-pouring or using a droplet applicator. All you need is two presses and you are done: the perfect amount of beard oil in your hand – and quickly!

The bottle even grew on me after a while. The middle section is actually transparent and you can see how much oil you have left at any point!

Read on to see how the funkily packaged Old Street Barber Co specimen fared in the full review.


The benchmark standard for lingerability is 30 minutes.

I sniffed and I sniffed and I kept on sniffing in 60 second intervals, as per the demands of my patented beard oil review methodology. I was able to detect the delectable tones of peppermint and lemon peel for upto 48 minutes after application.

I cannot deny this is an excellent performance.

89% for lingerabilty. Excellent


Notwithstanding the incredible emotional response that is incurred when you apply this oil, I am pleased to report that emanation of this sauce is equally impressive.

Using the emanation meter and after a double salt-water nostril cleanse, I was able to demonstrate emanation to a point of 1.6 feet!

This is impressive and goes hand in hand with the strong, intense, clean aroma that you get for your money with the Old Street Barber Co specimen.

92%. Above Average.

Emotional Response

This oil headbutted me on the bridge of the nose upon application.

Genuinely warming and sweet sticky peppermint tones began to penetrate my nostrils and march their way relentlessly through my face and up into my brain.

Tingly sensations started in my skin and infiltrated deeply until they reached the very essence of my being.

I was completely dominated by the aroma and I momentarily became its puppet, subject to the beard oil’s will for 33 seconds.

I gyrated around the room, spinning at the speed of sound, flailing my limbs in evenly in every direction. The intensity of the lemon and peppermint would not relent as I gyrated faster and faster. As I reached light speed I created a small black hole in the floor, into which I usefully disposed of the oil’s packaging – saving me from walking down to the bin.

Then I was back to baseline, left only with deeply warming notes of lemon and peppermint which continued to fill my soul with a sensation of indescribable joy.

This was no ordinary experience.

A bottle of incredibly intense magic sauce.

Record breaking!

95% for emotional response. Mind blowing!!!


It was a bit of a challenge to get the oil from the pump action applicator into my special 0.125ml dispenser, for the purposes of the formal “greasiness race” – but I managed it by using a small ceramic saucer as a proxy transfer device.

Once I applied the Peppermint & Lemon Peel specimen to the 21cm glass substrate, I stepped back 2 feet and monitored with my stop watch. This specimen demonstrated endurance and will-power unusual for a beard oil, with a very measured and consistent performance – coming in at 26 seconds for the formal measurement.

This is under the benchmark standard of 30 seconds.

Anecdotal evidence from mindfully stroking my beard also suggests no problems with greasiness.

90% for greasiness. Stellar!

Hair Impact

Lustre is the key word for this specimen, when it comes to measuring the impact of application upon the facial hair.

A level of shimmer and shine was achieved that is unparalleled by any other specimen I have yet graded – with the exception of the Papa Dubs specimen, which ranks very highly in shine.

This is unusual for an oil with a Sweet Almond base, so I believe we can only attribute this property to the unique balance of Vitamin E, Peppermint and Lemon peel essential oils. Each artisan has their own unique recipe and ratio of ingredients, which they keep fiercely guarded next to their hearts.

I also performed the formal measurement of hair impact with the “chin shaped blu-tac” and I thrust my self into the mould with such force that I almost chinned myself! Withstanding this, there were barely any impressions made on the blu-tac!

A decent scientific demonstration of conditioning power.

89% for hair impact – Rock on!

Skin Impact

I basted my face in this specimen and monitored for sink rate and qualitative changes in the skin.

Sink rate was decent at 13 minutes to achieve full penetration and skin was well moisturized without any notable residue remaining.

A decent performance.

90% for skin impact. Wonderful!


A 30ml bottle of this oil will set you back 20 UKP.

This equates to a cost per ml of £0.66

Based on my analysis of 57 specimens, the average market cost per ml of beard oil produced in the UK is £0.41 per ml

So, definitely one of the more expensive beard oils on the marketplace at the current selling price. However, you do get the genuinely cool pump action applicator, which is a definate value-add and has to have a higher production cost than your standard droplet applicator. Therefore, I am factoring in the value of the pump action mechanism and awarding:

50% for Value. Reasonable value.


So, overall, based on the weighted factoring of all criteria, the Peppermint & Lemon Peel Beard Oil by The Old Street Beard Co. scores an incredible:


An intense minty extravaganza with a really cool bottle and pump action applicator. An excellent gift!

old street beard oil logo

Bobert Brush

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