Boreal Forest by Men Of The North

  • July 19, 2016
  • Bobert Brush
Specimen #: 026 Oil Name: Boreal Forest Supplier: The Men of The North Sample Size: 30ml Origin: Australia
Carrier Oils: Almond, Macedamia, Argan  
Essential Oils: Patchouli, Bergamot orange, Clove  

Project scorecard

Buy now "A well executed and unique blend that nourishes well, whilst remaining light. Recommended."

Opening Comments

men of the north beard oilsWhen a specimen makes it way to my desk containing macadamia oil, my ears open wide and I pay complete attention.

Can you imagine the wholesome nutritious goodness of macadamia nuts flowing through your beard?

I can.

Which is exactly why I was so keen to try out this beard oil from Callum at The Men of The North – an up and coming artisan producer from Northern Australia.

The recipe itself is rather alluring: clove, bergamot orange and patchouli. Unique.

So let’s put the stuff to the test!


The Boreal Forest lingers just over the average. 32 minutes to be precise (compared to a benchmark of 50%), then its subtle tones dissipate delicately into the atmosphere around your beard.


55% Excellent


The Boreal Forest is a subtly aromatic scent.

The unusual nuances of shrubs, cloves and oranges are the the kind you want to pull your woman into, when you bury her in your beard – rather than emanate throughout the shopping centre as you stalk around announcing your incredible fragrance.

75% Just right.

Emotional Response

This is highly aromatic sauce.

The blend of essential oils is simply wonderful – yet hard to pick.

A subtle trifecta of clove, bergamot orange and patchouli dance in and out of your nostrils, gently teasing you with suggestions of exotic far-away forests, filled with magical shrubs and frolicking wildlife.

There are warm tones to the mixture, stemming from the cloves. Subtly sweet suggestions of citrus from the orange and it’s rounded out by the the earthy wholesome goodness of a quality patchouli extract.

It’s a wonderful experience that bought a smile to my face and sets a man up for a day in the sunshine.

92% – Exceptional

men of the north beard oils close up


I was curious to see how the macadamia oil would fair in the greasiness stakes. I was a little worried, smearing this culinary delicacy all over my chops would have me greasier than a Greek tomato salad dressed with olive oil and garlic.

But it was not to be.

I found the macadamia had no discernible impact on greasiness. One can feel the heavier argan oil in this recipe, which does a great job of hair impact, but is one of the heavier oils.

A good result.

87% for greasiness. No problems.

Hair Impact

The Boreal Forest is a well considered recipe. It doesn’t get much more nourishing than argan, macedamia and almond!

Of particular note is the quality of lustre that this oil bestows upon the beard. It delivers a wonderful dark density, that is very impressive for an oil that seems so light.


93% for hair impact – Really wonderful

Skin Impact

I found my skin was undoubtedly moisturized by this blend.

Not quite subtle enough to suggest as an all-over face oil, but an oil that will definately nourish the skin under your hair deeply

85% for skin impact. Effective.


A 30ml bottle of The Boreal Forest will set you back $24.99 (AUD), with Postage (within Australia) being $10. International shipping is available and priced at checkout.

Therefore, the price per ml is $1.17

My extensive consumer guide to Australian beard oil tells me the median price per ml for Australian beard oil is $1.11 precisely.

As such, The Boreal Forest is slightly over the market average, being in fact in the upper 55th percentile. This gives a base value score of 45%.

However, I am awarding a 20% adjustment for uniqueness for the inclusion of macadamia oil. Plus a 15% adjustment for the really unique cool and stylish bottle.

80% for Value. Decent.


So, overall, based on the weighted factoring of all criteria, The Boreal Forest by Men of The North scores an awesome:


A well executed and unique blend that nourishes well, whilst remaining light. Recommended.

menofthenorth buy

Bobert Brush

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