Mountain Man by Illbury + Goose

illbury and goose beard oil review feature
  • November 9, 2016
  • Bobert Brush
Oil Name: Mountain Man Supplier: Illbury + Goose Sample Size: 30ml Origin: Canada
Carrier Oils: Argan, Jojoba, Hemp, Avocado, Kukui, Sweet Almond, Meadowfoam  
Essential Oils: Secret blend  

Project scorecard

Buy now "A delightful woodsy scent with excellent nourishing properties and representing good value"

Opening Comments

illbury and goose logoSome days Bobert Brush is inclined to think that every man and his neighbor is starting to produce beard oil.

The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker. All have their own beard oil lines now. The upside of this massive industry expansion is the corresponding increase in consumer selection and the more work for Bobert Brush to do!

Today’s specimen “The Mountain Man” has made its way across the ocean from snowy Canada, where it has been lovingly crafted by the artisans that work for Illbury + Goose, the Canadian lifestyle brand.

Bobert Brush doesn’t discriminate. I review beard oils from all across the world. Large producers, backyard brewers, barbershops, clothing lines. Anybody who sells beard oil to the public is within the scope of my project. I review them all equally and with my objective beard oil review methodology.

This recipe definitely has a few things going for it. There is a blend of 7 carrier oils – which is almost double the average – including kukui nut oil and meadowfoam seed oil. Both quite rare components and what I would consider a lucky find!

For the scent, the Illbury + Goose crew have used (I quote) a “secret essential oil blend”! What could be more mystical?

Let’s see how the specimen fares in the review.


The lingerability of this specimen fell bang on the benchmark average, with the tones being detectable for 30 minutes after application.

After this period the pleasing woodsy notes faded into obscurity and became indistinct from the natural hairy scent of my beard.

A typical performance for a woodsy beard oil.

55% Around Average


If a man had been cutting down trees in the morning, milling timber in the afternoon and snorting the wood shavings in the evening – when he arrived home you wouldn’t expect him to stink of wood.

Trees simply don’t smell that strong!

Likewise the ‘woodsy’ experience of the Mountain Man recipe is a subtle and intimate one. Just as you would wish it to be.

In the formal emanation test – using the emanation meter – the specimen scored 1 foot exactly, again hitting the average on the nose.

60%. Appropriate.

Emotional Response

Paradoxically, the ‘woodsy’ scent is a hard one to get right, despite the fact that it is the most popular staple of beard oil products worldwide.

The tones of freshly cut wood are innately human and inspire joy.

Yet, if you don’t combine them with something sweeter, the aroma can be dank and uninspiring.

Combine them with something too sweet and you loose the masculine essence the wood had in the first place.

With the Mountain Man I was transported away to a simpler time. I was alone with nature. I was connected to the world around me. The birds, the trees, the wonders of life – all imbued me with their great internal energies and gave me insurmountable strength.

It seems that a wonderful synergy of pine, spruce and cedar danced their way into my nostrils – offset with possibly the slightest hint of spearmint.

Well executed.

94% – Wonderful

mountain man beard oil review close up


In the formal greasiness race, this specimen achieved the quickest results thus far observed out of 20 specimens, with a completion time of just 17 seconds to complete the 21cm glass substrate.

This was unexpected, since the primary base oil in the recipe is argan oil which is renound as being one of the thicker (and therefore potentially more greasy) oils. I theorize that the combination of the other 6 carrier oils blended – including avocado and hemp seed – must keep the mixture nice and fluid.

From my anecdotal observations, zero issues with grease here!

97% for greasiness. Couldn’t expect better.

Hair Impact

The Illbury + Goose specimen itself is a luxurious golden hue. You can almost feel the nourishing properties of all the oils, before you even apply them!

You get the benefits of all 7 carrier oils combined with this product.

My beard hair feels fuller, properly nourished and with a healthy level of additional lustre. Everything you would expect from a well planned and well executed beard oil recipe.

Even the formal test backed this up, with the blu-tack chin indentations seeming smaller after application of the oil.

95% for hair impact – Just great!

Skin Impact

The skin around my beard was appropriately nourished and without doubt felt softer to the touch.

I wouldn’t nessesarily recommend the Mountain Man as an all-over face oil, due to the high argan content – which is a thick, rich oil intended specifically for hair.

I had a little beardruff today (which is unusual for me) and this stuff dealt with that problem so Bobert Brush’s thumbs are up!

89% for skin impact. Effective.


A 30ml bottle of the Mountain Man Beard Oil will cost you $23.25 (CAD) with P&P (within Canada) of $5 for a Total Price of $28.25. International postage is available and priced at checkout.

This equates to £0.94 per ml.

My complete analysis of the Canadian beard oil industry tells us the average market price of beard oil in Canada is precisely $1.00 per ml.

Therefore the Illbury + Goose product is priced just under the market average – being in the lower 45th percentile of the market. This gives a base value score of 55%.

However, when calculating the Value score, I also award adjustments to reflect elements of value that cannot be determined by price per ml alone. I will adjust 15% to account for the fact that this specimen has 7 carrier oils, versus the industry average of 4. I will adjust another 5% for uniqueness, as kukui and meadowfoam seed oils are not that common to find.

Therefore, I award the Mountain Man:

75% for Value. Good value.


So, overall, based on the weighted factoring of all criteria, the Mountain Man Beard Oil by Illbury + Goose scores an awesome:


A delightful woodsy scent with excellent nourishing properties and representing good value!

Bobert Brush

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