Humidor Beard Oil by Cocoon Apothecary

  • March 12, 2016
  • Bobert Brush
Specimen #: 024 Oil Name: Humidor Beard Oil Supplier: Cocoon Apothcary Sample Size: 20ml Origin: Canada
Carrier Oils: Hemp, Argan, Brocolli seed  
Essential Oils: Cedarwood, Vanilla  
Absolute Oils: Tobacco flower  

Project scorecard

Buy now "A sophisticated and perfectly composed tobacco scented oil that any modern Gentlemen will enjoy"

Opening Comments

cocoon apothecary beard oils

Once in a while something really special drops its way into Bobert Brush’s labs.

Something that makes me rejoice at starting this project in the first place. I dreamt of seeking out the rarest and most exotic specimens from the hidden corners of the planet.

Sometimes large manufacturers with high advertising budgets do have exceptional products. But likewise, there are real winners produced by artisan apothecaries that you’ve probably never heard of.

Today our specimen comes to us all the way from Ontario, Canada. It’s called the Humidor beard oil and is produced by the crew at the Cocoon Apothecary, founded in 2003 and who make all their products from organic ingredients.

Their recipe for the Humidor beard oil is unique in two ways. First, it contains broccoli seed oil. Bobert Brush didn’t even realise Broccoli had seeds!

Secondly, it contains a generous amount of high-quality tobacco flower absolute oil, which gives the oil a characteristic dark brown tinge. An absolute is a special kind of highly aromatic oil, not normally found in the world of beard oil!

Frankly, it’s wonderful stuff!

Read on to find out exactly how it fares.


The thing is, even though most beard oils make the claim their scent will linger with you all day – they don’t. I’ve seen several websites dubiously claiming 4 hour lingerability.

The fact is most beard oils tend to linger for around half an hour. This is why I score a 50% benchmark for a 30 minute lingering.

Some perform poorly, dissipating into the air after mere minutes. Others excel and last for hours.

The Humidor excels – in the sniff test it achieved lingering of 186 minutes!

The smell lasts virtually all day, with lovely faint traces of quality tobacco (no chemical laden cigarettes here!) deeply ingrained in your facial hair.

98% Excellent


This is a strong scent, there is no doubt. The crew at the Cocoon Apothecary have been generous when ladling the tobacco flower absolute oil into their cauldrons.

Check out the photo of my specimen dish below. You can see the natural, dark, tobacco leafy goodness in the oil. The darker patch is after I shook up the bottle, so make sure you shake this mixture to release its incredible potency!

Using my patented emanation meter, this elixir was able to deliver an emanation of 1.35 feet.

92% Just right.

Emotional Response

This specimen captures the essence of a humidor.

The aroma caresses your nostrils with the deep and bold tones of smooth, leathery tobacco.

There’s a slight background hint of cedarwood. Just enough fragrant semi-sweetness to enrich and highlight the character of the tobacco flower.

Lastly, the faintest most subtle suggestion of vanilla offsets the mixture and perfects it.

I was transported away to a Cuba of a forgotten age. I marauded the dusty streets, imbued with unconquerable might – both physical and intellectual. I reclined in my unfathomably comfortable leather chair, as I was served delicious whiskey of exceptional depth and raised to my lips the smoothest and most satisfying cigar that my mind could ever imagine.

Deep, bold and smooth. Everything that a gentleman could wish for.


96% – Exceptional

You can clearly see the wonderful tobacco flower absolute!


I was fearful that the Humidor may suffer from greasiness issues, since it contains a good proportion of argan oil – one of the heavier, thicker options in the world of hair care.

However, turns out my fears were unfounded! I postulate that the thinner hemp oil balances out its thicker argan cousin.

A good result.

85% for greasiness. No problems.

Hair Impact

Frankly, I am impressed.

My hair was left wonderfully soft and my beard had a really dense, healthy look to it – without looking overly shiny.

The trifecta of argan, hemp and broccoli seed oils deliver a nourishing performance that a man would be mad to complain about.

Delivers what is expected from a top quality beard oil.

90% for hair impact – Really good

Skin Impact

This oil achieved a good sink rate into the skin. There was virtually no residue left on the skin around my beard 5 minutes after application.

The only reason I’m not scoring higher is I found a small amount of flaky skin buried deeply underneath my beard hair. Of course, the skin impact test is highly subjective and this could well be a random characteristic of my skin that no beard oil on Earth could cure. Your mileage may vary!

The broccoli seed oil in particular has a coral reef of benefits for the skin and kudos to the apothecary for factoring these dermatological impacts in their recipe!

80% for skin impact. Effective.


A somewhat small 20ml bottle of the Humidor will set you back $15 (CAD), with Postage (within Canada) being $8.

Therefore, the price per ml is $1.15.

My extensive industry analysis of all the major Canadian beard oil manufacturers tells me the median price per ml for Canadian beard oil is $1 precisely.

As such, the Humidor is slightly more expensive than average, being in the top 72nd percentile of the market range. The base value score is therefore 28%.

However, I am awarding an adjustment of 50% for uniqueness, as I do not believe a product containing the combination of broccoli seed and tobacco flower absolute oil is available elsewhere on the planet.

Therefore, I award the Humidor:

78% for Value. Decent.


So, overall, based on the weighted factoring of all criteria, the Humidor Beard Oil by Cocoon Apothecary scores an awesome:


A sophisticated and perfectly composed tobacco scented oil that any modern gentlemen will enjoy.

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