Forest Trail by Good Day Organics

  • May 6, 2016
  • Bobert Brush
Specimen #: 013 Oil Name: Forest Trail Beard Oil Supplier: Good Day Organics Sample Size: 50ml Origin: UK
Carrier Oils: Jojoba oil, Tea seed oil (Camellia oleifera), Argan oil, Rosa Canine Fruit Oil, Alexandrian laurel seed oil, Sunflower oil  
Essential Oils: Atlas Cedar oil, Scots pine oil, Vitamin E  

Project scorecard

Buy now "A great organic product with a wonderful, complex aroma that is excellent value for money."

Opening Comments

beard oil review for good day organicsThis specimen has been shipped in all the way from Newcastle, England, where Good Day Organics owner Chris runs his clandestine organic laboratory.

There are two major schools of philosophy when it comes to brewing a beard oil. The first thinkers – the simplists – prefer to keep the number of ingredients to a minimum – letting the quality of the constituent oils speak for themselves to produce their own unique voices. The second school – the tinkerers – can’t resist adding ingredient upon ingredient, as they believe the secret of the world’s best beard oil will be divined only through a complex interconnection of numerous aromas.

This brew is born squarely from the second school of thought.

I must admit, the romantic in me also believes The Beard Oil Pledge will eventually stumble upon the one beard oil to bind them all – born of some incomprehensibly complex and ancient recipe.

This specimen contains a total of 9 ingredients and what’s more they are 99% organic!

We should prize this specimen for going down the organic route. We are all unknowingly bombarded with an innumerable number of xenoestrogenic toxins every day – from pesticides, plastics and worst of all cosmetics. The long term effects are real!

Look, if you are going to smother oil all over your chops, there is certainly an argument for making sure it doesn’t contain pesticides!


This specimen has a curious ability to blend with the natural smell of your manly facial hair.

This is an important note to make. Some of the more ‘in your face’ beard oils, especially ones with strong citrus notes, tend to overpower your natural manly scent. This kind of subtle aroma actually complements and brings our your own smell. My hat off to the Good Day Organics artisans!

As such, it was difficult to determine exactly when the aroma did leave my beard.

I estimate it stuck around for a good couple of hours.

This specimen is setting the current world record for lingerability grading, as at 6/5/16.

95% for lingerabilty. Excellent


We are talking about a subtle oil here.

This is not a specimen you want to smear on your face and then walk into a crowded room to grandly announce the arrival of your fragrant facial hair. This is oil for a beard with which you will bury your woman allowing her to deeply inhale your manly tones in lieu of oxygen.

In the formal test, this specimen managed to score emanation of 1.15 metres – above baseline and very respectable.

70%. Above Average.

Emotional Response

This brew is aptly named indeed!

The complex mixture of 9 oils generates a feeling of strolling along a forest trail beset on all sides by innumerable trees, shrubs and flowers.

There is also a subtle sweetness that has distant hint of spice to it. It is a warming experience and there is a mystical depth to the aroma. You will be smelling it, trying your hardest to divine individual scents, but be unable to do so as they dance into and out of your nostrils like playful foresty children.

I’m left with the unmistakable impression that this specimen contains only the purest goodness!

90% for emotional response. Mystical!


No complaints here at all for greasiness!

Everything was well absorbed within 18 minutes, with no residue left anywhere.

The specimen also performed well in the formal grading, traversing the 21cm glass substrate in an athletic 28 seconds!

90% for greasiness. Stellar!

Hair Impact

This specimen seems to have a curious ability to deeply penetrate into the beard hair.

No doubt a characteristic of the Alexandrian laurel seed oil and Rosa Canine Fruit Oil that Chris has blended into his recipe.

The oil itself is a rich golden hue, which also speaks volumes as to its quality.

The beard is left dry yet soft and easily manageable.

92% for hair impact – Rock on!

good day organics beard oil review

Skin Impact

I basted myself with this specimen and found that it was easily absorbed within 8 minutes.

Again, I had the distinct feeling that everything I was putting on my face was made of pure goodness!

Conditioned and moisturized as you would expect from a premium artisan beard oil.

89% for skin impact. Wonderful!


This oil was delivered in line with the promises on the web site.

Given solid customer service is readily available I am ranking this Beard Oil 80% on delivery.


A nice big 50ml bottle of this oil will set you back 14.95 UKP.

This equates to a cost per ml of £0.29

Based on my analysis of 57 specimens, the average market cost per ml of beard oil produced in the UK is £0.41 per ml

So, definitely one of the least expensive beard oils on the marketplace at the current selling price.

85% for Value. Excellent value.


So, overall, based on the weighted factoring of all criteria, the Forest Trail Beard Oil by Good Day Organics scores an incredible:


A great organic product with a wonderful, complex aroma that is excellent value for money.

good day organics beard oil long

Bobert Brush

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