Dude No. 1 by MCMC Fragrances

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  • December 13, 2016
  • Bobert Brush
Oil Name: Dude No. 1 Supplier: MCMC Fragrances Sample Size: 28ml Origin: USA
Carrier Oils: Coconut  
Essential Oils: Cedarwood, pink pepper, coriander, sandalwood, vetiver  
Other Elements: Ginger extract  
Absolute Oils: Rose  

Project scorecard

Buy now "A premium, cologne-grade beard oil with a masculine musk that stays with you virtually all day long. Recommended."

Opening Comments

The more beard oils I review, the more I find myself becoming interested in perfume.

And I’m deeply worried to see myself write that.

Whilst a bearded fellow will probably associate perfumery with the female of the species, there’s nothing feminine about having an appreciation for exotic and intoxicating scents and the wonderful natural ingredients from which they’re derived.

At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

So I was delighted to see this specimen from MCMC Fragrances drop onto my dinner table. When you read the ingredients list you get the sense it was concocted with someone with a true eye for aromatherapy. And so it is. Co-founder Anne McClain is master perfumer who studied perfumery in Grasse – the perfume capital of France, apparently.

This oil also contains a rose absolute. Absolutes are super pure, concentrated oils that sit right up in the upper echelons of beard oil ingredients – above even essential oils.

So I was super excited to put this one to the test. Let’s see how it gets on.


Right off the bat I’m going to say this specimen performs exceptionally as a lingerer.

The average time a beard oil will linger is 30 minutes, with a number extending to an hour or two.

But with the perfumery grade ingredients of the Dude, this sauce lingered for upwards of 6 hours. It gradually fades over time until it’s so subtle you’re not sure if it’s there or not.

This is only the second specimen ever (as of 7/12/16) to score 100% for lingerability.

100% Unbeatable


The scent of the Dude is a strong one, but not overwhelmingly so.

Strong enough that you feel you’re getting your money’s worth, but not so strong the whole room will turn around when you walk in.

It performed admirably in the formal test, achieving a 1.55 ft emanence from the tip of the beard to my girlfriend’s nostril.

93% Bold and Determined

Emotional Response

More than anything, what struck me with this product, is the way the aroma changes character over the hours you are wearing it.

What starts as a bold, woodsy burst with a soulful peppery and gingery tang slowly mellows in to a subtle masculine musk of coriander and vetiver. It combines with the natural smell of your hair to leave you feeling as if you’re wearing a product in your beard that’s really quite special.

You can tell you are dealing with a serious upper end product here.

Without meaning to harp on about the word ‘perfume’, what you really have here is a step above most beard oils – it’s a quality men’s collogne encased in nourishing natural oil rather than alcohol.

94% – High Quality

dude no 1 beard oil review


This carrier base of this specimen is comprised entirely of coconut oil! This is delightful and something many producers shy away from due to the cost. With fractionated coconut oil, greasiness is not a major concern, generally.

I know a greasy beard oil when I have to wash my hands after applying it.

With the Dude, I simply wipe the final residue from my hands onto my skin and hair – and it’s gone. I keep typing on my keyboard!

Note: this specimen has a really cool ‘roller-ball’ applicator. So you just roll it onto your hands and then massage into the beard. It prevents any drips or wastage, which is great (you certainly want to conserve when you are paying this much for a product). However, the ‘roller-ball’ top prevented me from conducting the standard ‘greasiness race’ down the glass substrate – which requires a droplet applicator.

90% No problems

Hair Impact

The MCMC Crew are delivering all around with this product.

Coconut oil is the best option when it comes to beard care and it knocks the socks off any of the other popular beard oil carriers such as hemp, jojoba or grapeseed. I knew I was in for something special when I read this specimen was blended of 100% coconut oil!

I can’t lie. My beard definitely had a fuller look to it after applying this oil. Interestingly, my beard looked very ‘matte’ after applying this mixture.

This was just fine for Bobert Brush and I also noticed a corresponding increase in softness.

91% Nice

Skin Impact

I was a little concerned that the perfumery grade absolute and ginger extract in this specimen would be too strong for the skin and give some kind of allergic reaction.

But Bobert Brush is a man to take risks – and so I did.

After massaging into the beard, I rubbed what was left into my face and neck.

Suffice to say – no reaction – and I have quite sensitive skin. In fact, my skin was surprisingly well moisturized and not greasy at all. Looks like the highest quality coconut oil must be used – which you can sense from the wonderful colour of this oil when you hold it up to the light.

90% Effective


A 28ml bottle of Dude No. 1 will set you back a full $65, placing this oil firmly in the premium category. There is $6 flat-rate shipping & free shipping on orders of $60+ (U.S. only).

This equates to a price per ml of $2.17.

This actually makes this specimen the most expensive of the 46 US based beard oil manufacturers in my initial sample group. This results in a base score of merely 2%.

However, in the case of this product there are most certainly several adjustments to be awarded:

I adjust 28% for the inclusion of rose absolute (which really is expensive), 25% for inclusion of ginger extract (which is unique), and 15% for the unique roller-ball applicator.

70% A Premium Product


So, overall – based on the weighted factoring of all criteria – the Dude No. 1 by MCMC Fragrances scores an awesome:


A premium, cologne-grade beard oil with a masculine musk that stays with you virtually all day long. Recommended.

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