Dirty South Beard Oil by Dirty South Beard Co.

  • March 10, 2016
  • Bobert Brush
Specimen #: 007 Oil Name: Dirty South Beard Oil Supplier: Dirty South Beard Co. Sample Size: 20ml Origin: Australia
Carrier Oils: Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Hemp seed oil, Sweet Almond oil  
Essential Oils: Sandalwood, Cypress, Woodland Spice (Got Wood), Vanilla, Woodland Spice (Vanilla Spice), Guava, Grapefruit, Vanilla (Guava Luva), Vanilla, Woodland Spice (Citrus Blast), Vitamin E oil  

Project scorecard

Buy now "This stuff is the real deal-premium artisan beard oil. Delicately comprised yet richly nourishing. Recommended."

Opening Comments

beard oil review portraitOne can’t help but feel joyful when a small blue glass bottle full of hand-crafted beard oil arrives upon his desk. In this case, I was almost jumping as I received 4 samples from the crew at Dirty South Beard Co, one of South Australia’s most promising up and coming artisan producers.

What’s more the joyful little blue phile comes decorated with an extremely manly looking 1800’s sailor chap smoking a pipe. In fact, this is actually a drawing of Dirty South founder Dan Abbie – who is a true bearded warrior, gentleman and scholar.

Almost cool enough to make you want to start smoking a pipe!

Check out Dirty South Beard Co.’s Facebook page and their awesome Instagram page.


We are dealing with a real subtle lingerer here gents. The initial rush and infusion around the oil lasted for 3 minutes; however then a more subtle secondary lingering kicks in.

The secondary lingering lasted for a well above-benchmark 46 minutes. Somehow this beard oil impregnates to the very depths of the hair folicle and rests there, subtly releasing aromas at unexpected points throughout the day.

A man could go to work cutting concrete all day and return home with his beard covered in toxic dust, yet still find this beard oil’s aroma would be lingering in his beard when he entered the shower room.

85% Excellent


When testing the emanation according to the standard beard oil review methodology, I found the aroma would not emanate past the benchmark 1-foot range. This is typical of a beard oil and I am starting to consider this as the ideal emanation range.

Strong enough to fill a women’s nostrils when she leans in for a kiss or hug, yet subtle enough not to alert the entire room to the arrival of your fragrant facial hair.

50% Average

Emotional Response

Note: I am reviewing 4 individual aromas here, as the folks at Dirty South Beard Co have been kind enough to supply a sample from their entire range. Simply select your preferred aroma at the time of order from the drop down box.

Only Emotional Response has been graded individually, as the other Characteristics are common among all 4 aromas.

Got Wood

When you pull the applicator from the bottle, a man knows he is dealing with a serious wooden sauce here.

The scent is of the forest. Of trees, of bushes, of berries, groves and bays. The depth of character is almost epic. Unlike many ‘wooden’ scented beard oils, this blend has a subtle sweetness about it that is hard to express, it takes you away to the sea side and it is as if the scent is bought to you on the salt laden winds of the ocean.

92% Incredible

Vanilla Spice

Deep, rich, complex vanilla tones, enthused with sweet licorice and the masculine musk of age-old Victorian barbershops.

This is reminiscent of a high quality vanilla rum; the depth, strength and robustness of fermented sugar cane mixed with the ancient and exotic notes of highly priced spices, sourced along ancient trade routes and carried by Spanish pirates up the coast.

Wow! This has such depth you know without doubt you are dealing with a premium artisan product.

93% Wonderful!

Guava Luva

A thick, deep and subtly warming smell of tropical fruits. For a moment I became a native of the Carribean, sipping rum in the hazy mid afternoon sun after having bought in my morning’s catch of fresh fish onto the beach.

This is not a fancy nancy type of fruity smell, this stuff is made from the type of fruit that a man would proudly rub into the flesh of the lamb he has just slaughtered and dressed before chucking it onto the spit roast. These are deep, earthy fruit aromas from the heart of mankind.

92% Berserk!

Citrus Blast

Wow, this mixture does exactly what it says on the tin, this is literally a ‘citrus blast’. You are blasted with clean, fresh, simple lemon and lime tones.

This was actually my least favorite of Dirty South’s mixtures. If you are hankering after a fruit based scent, I would recommend the Guava Luva. That being said, this scent is being asked to stand up to the shoulders of giants – as you can see from the three 90%+ gradings above, for Dirty South Beard Co.’s other scents!

If you are specifically in the mood for a citrus based beard oil, then this product will compete with any other on the market and is worth investigating.

85% Moderately pleasing


The Dirty South blend rocketed its way down the glass substrate at a rate of knots, coming in at the finish line at a respectable, 70 seconds, around the benchmark average for a Jojoba based product.

Nevertheless, something truly remarkable has been delivered with this blend.

This is the least greasy beard oil I have ever tried!

Somehow this sauce manages to almost instantaneously absorb into the beard hair, leaving the hairs nourished and more manageable, yet without any greasy residue whatsoever!

90% Incredible!

Hair Impact

I am proud to say that this oil actually scored well in my patented “blu-tac test” designed to determine the true physical impact of a beard oil on beard hair softness. In this case, indentations were markedly reduced after only 2 applications.

I found that my beard was significantly more manageable with this oil than any others I have reviewed to date. The individual hairs were sitting neatly in place and there were no rogue hairs or beard patches refusing to heed to order.

In fact, the increase in manageability was such that I was able to style my beard with my fingers only using this oil!

If you have a large, difficult-to-manage beard, then this product will be an excellent option for you.

91% Outstanding!

Skin Impact

I smeared the stuff on my face around my beard and although it did have a moisturing effect, I did not begin to feel like a new-born baby.

This product provides the expected skin nourishing qualities of an Argan and Jojoba based product.

50% Average

dirty south beard oil review display


This exquisite brew comes in a 20ml bottle which will set you back $15 (AUD) + $7.50 P&P, being a total of $22.50. This equates to a total cost of $1.12 per ml.

This is quite expensive, as it’s slightly above the average benchmark cost of $1 per ml.

That being said, do make sure you head over to their Facebook page and like the page as these guys runs frequent specials (which are posted as coupon codes – check is there’s one available) for deals like free shipping, 10-30% off, etc.! There is always some type of special going on, so it’s definitely worth checking if you have your eyes set on this alluring bottle of artisan goodness (which you should).

These special offers help to elevate the balance the value equation. For example, using the current special offer of free-shipping the price equates to a mere $0.75 per ml, which is significantly below the average cost of $1 per ml.

I am calculating the value score based on the blended average of the RRP and the current special offer.

Grab this genuinely high quality product at below market value, whilst the offer lasts! Just click Buy Now below and enter the coupon code “LESTWEFORGET” in the Etsy store.

70% Good


So, overall, based on the weighted factoring of all criteria, the Dirty South Beard Oil by Dirty South Beard Co. scores an:


This stuff is the real deal – premium artisan beard oil – delicately comprised yet richly nourishing. Highly recommended.

Bobert Brush

  1. Great review. I love kissing my partner and snuggling up to him even more now he uses dirty south beard oil. His beard always looks well cared for and feels great.
    Would definately reccomend 100%
    Very friendly people too. Great pleasure to deal with them

  2. I purchased some ‘Guava Luva’ beard oil recently. I found a small amount goes a long way and coats the beard thoroughly. The fragrance stayed long throughout the day.
    Most of all, the beard frizz was reduced substantially. Thanks Dan

  3. No more Grizzly Adams! Firstly and most importantly for the wife’s point of view, These products smell amazing! So fellas if you want girls to get up close and personal with your beard do yourself a favor and place an order. Hubby’s an earthmover and no longer smells of dirt when he gets home and his beards much softer. I also love the passion and ethics of this company and that they are local.

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