Tobacco & Rose by The Dandy Gent

  • July 19, 2016
  • Bobert Brush
Specimen #: 025 Oil Name: Tobacco & Rose Supplier: The Dandy Gent Sample Size: 30ml Origin: UK
Carrier Oils: Grapeseed, Hemp, Jojoba  
Essential Oils: Cucumber seed oil  
Other Elements: Parfum  

Project scorecard

Buy now "A decent, light beard oil that delivers a sweet rose scented aroma."

Opening Comments

dandygent topToday’s specimen has meandered its way around the globe from Derbyshire, England, where it is brewed by the crew at The Dandy Gent – an outfit specialising in Victorian themed beard grooming products.

Bobert Brush’s mantra is “it’s what’s in the bottle that counts” and a fairer truism never said. In this case, I stared myself firmly in the eyes and repeated it 5 times, as the bottles themselves were looking a little worn out – with the labels not precisely in pristine condition!

But “nit picking” aside, the recipe itself does have promise.

We have a classic combination of grapeseed, hemp and jojoba as carriers, with the mysterious addition of cucumber extract oil.

Whilst cucumbers and oil aren’t the first two things you would think of together, it turns out the seeds of the cucumber do indeed produce a valuable oil!

So with a delicious aroma of tobacco and rose, I was very keen to put this specimen through it’s paces.


I put the specimen through the standard lingerability test and it performed well.

After consistently sniffing, I observed a slightly above average linger of 40 minutes. Considering the benchmark average is 50%, I score this oil:

70% Deserving


This oil stands out from the crowd with its emanation factor. It’s a potent blend that makes no mistake about its scent and stands proud of it.

I suspect this is due to the cunning use of parfum rather than the more traditional essential oils.

After a thorough salt-water nostril cleanse and strictly in accordance with the methodology, I was able to detect the scent upto 1.8 feet away.


90% Powerful

Emotional Response

There was no strong emotional response as I sometimes get with blends that use natural essential oils or absolutes in their recipes.

Look, the parfum is not bad – it definitely alludes tones of rose.

It has a persistent sweetness not altogether unpleasant.

Bobert Brush did wish for a slightly stronger note of tobacco – it was difficult to detect it, to be honest.

78% Pleasant


We consistently see the same outcome with the grapeseed based beard oils.

Simply put:

Grapeseed oil is not greasy.

This was backed up by the formal greasiness race, where the oil hurried itself down the 21cm glass substrate in merely 24 seconds (compared to a benchmark of 30)

90% Top ranking

Hair Impact

As with other specimens, grapeseed oil may not be greasy, but this comes at the expense of its ability to maximally nourish the hair.

The Dandy Gent does however also sport hemp and jojoba to backup its beard conditioning prowess.

The beard hair was undoubtedly conditioned. It was left more manageable.

Yet, the performance of a grapeseed, hemp and jojoba blend simply can’t match the power of an argan oil or coconut oil based elixr.

Nevertheless, the stuff works.

80% Decent

Skin Impact

Perhaps it is the mighty power of the cucumber seed oil, but I felt this oil did a pretty good job nourishing my skin.

The sink rate was second to none and the sink time itself merely 4 minutes.

If it wasn’t for the parfum, I would be tempted to recommend this specimen as an all-over face oil.

87% Very effective.


A 30ml bottle of The Dandy Gent’s Beard Oil will set you back £14.99 (UKP), with Postage (within the UK) being £3.99.

Therefore, the price per ml is £0.63

My extensive consumer analysis of all the major UK beard oil manufacturers tells me the median price per ml for UK beard oil is £0.60 precisely.

As such, The Dandy Gent is just a touch over the market average. However it’s smack bang close enough to the median for me to award it a fair and square 50% for value.

50% Market Average.


So, overall, based on the weighted factoring of all criteria, the Tobacco & Rose Beard Oil by The Dandy Gent scores an respectable:


A decent, light beard oil that delivers a sweet rose-scented aroma.

Bobert Brush

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