Bushman’s Face/Beard Oil by Allbody Soaps

  • February 9, 2016
  • Bobert Brush
Specimen #: 002 Oil Name: Bushman’s Face/Beard Oil Supplier: Allbody Soaps Sample Size: 15ml Origin: Australia
Carrier Oils: Grapeseed oil, Safflower oil, Avocado oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Hemp oil, Rose hip oil  
Essential Oils: Bay Rum Essential Oil, Cedar Wood Essential Oil, Witch Hazel, Aloe vera gel, Vitamin E oil  

Project scorecard

Buy now "A highly refreshing, spicy Bay Rum scented bottle of goodness. Strongly recommended."

Opening Comments

bushmans beard oil review witchhazelThis oil arrived at my desk on a Tuesday morning.

And as I sat down to perform another beard oil review in pursuit of my undying goal to identify the world’s best beard oil, I knew I had found upon a very special sauce indeed. One only needs to hold the mixture upto the light to see that we not dealing with your ordinary run-of-the-mill beard oil here. The actor behind this most curious consistency is the addition of Aloe Vera gel.

What’s more, this unique sauce contains Witch Hazel, a long forgotten and oft neglected old housewives’ secret.

You can read all about Witch Hazel’s valuable characteristics here.

We also have to note that the Bushman’s comes with possibly the coolest applicator I have yet to experience in my beard oil review journey. The quality glass applicator has a slightly up-turned tip, making application quick, easy and accurate!


The Bushman’s oil does not linger for an especially long time. I found the scent to be detectable for 35 minutes.

50% Average


This oil scored well in the emanation test. I have been having trouble finding any oils that are capable of scoring outside of the baseline 1 foot benchmark. I decided to test a slight modification to the review methodology when testing this oil. This time I fully submersed my girlfriend’s head in the saline solution for 5 seconds, instead of the standard “salt water inhalation” method. The outcome seems to support my theory that our sense of scent has become desensitized due to the environmental pollutants around us.

After this cleansing technique was performed, the Bushman’s Oil could be detected from 1.3 feet away. A record, although I am still searching for the oil that can score 8+ here.

70% Above average

Emotional Response

best beard oilBushman’s scored in the upper quadrant on emotional response.

There is a specific sensation of being smacked around the head when inhaling this oil’s aroma. The combination of the Bay Rum, Cedar wood and whatever other soapy secrets the Allbody Soaps crew include in their mixture creates a inimitable experience upon application. I was enthused with strength and passion; the muscles of my entire torso tensed as if with electricity; my head grew to twice its normal size. I was a shaven headed convict, wrestling on the hairy floor of a barbershop with Sweeney Todd himself. I was a debaucherous but lion-hearted villain, wrongly imprisoned for murder. I was three generations of hard, seafaring men standing arms folded on hardwood piers and looking out grimly across the oceans of time.

It went as quickly as it came and I was back to baseline after 15 seconds.

This spicy, soapy scent really is unique!

The perfect remedy to apply to your beard prior to a night playing cards and drinking hard liquor.

80% Unique


This beard oil scored in the benchmark zone for greasiness, taking around the 60 second mark to traverse the 43cm glass substrate.

A note to the texture of this oil. There is clearly Aloe Vera contained within this recipe. I had expected this might cause the mixture to be somewhat ‘gungy’, but I am pleased to confirm that this is definitely not the case. The oil is pleasantly thin and easy to apply.

50% Not bad

Hair Impact

It is my pleasure to advise that the Bushman’s has done a stellar job in the hair impact test. In fact, this was the first oil to demonstrate any visually measurable impact in the “blu-tac” test. The indentations of the post-application thrust were barely detectable. The hair of the beard feels feels palpably “conditioned” after the 3rd application of the oil.

This is a concoction that will condition the wildest and most unruly facial hair.

80% Excellent!

Skin Impact

Again, this oil has scored favorably in the in the therapeutic department and definitely “moisturized” my skin rather than simply leaving it feeling greasy as some of the sub-standard beard oils are want to do.

The Bushman’s Oil has clearly been designed with therapeutic value in mind and the team are Allbody Soaps are clearly expects in this field.

80% Delivers


This beard oil weighs in at $11.25 AUD + $8.50 P&P. This equates to $19.75 for a 15ml bottle. The price per ml is therefore $1.30

According to the standard methodology benchmark, this oil would score quite poorly for value as the average cost of beard oil is $1 per ml. However, in fairness to the Bushman’s oil, we need to account for the special ingredients included in the blend such as Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel. Therefore, I have taken the matter to The Beard Oil Pledge executive board and they have approved a Value score of 50% for the Bushman’s! Rock on!

50% Market Average


So, overall, based on the equally weighted factoring of all criteria, the Bushman’s Face/Beard Oil by Allbody Soaps scores an:


A highly refreshing, spicy Bay Rum scented bottle of goodness. Any bearded man will take great pleasure in rubbing it through his whiskers. Strongly recommended.

bushmans beard oil

Bobert Brush

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