The Ringmaster by Bobo’s Beard Company

ringmaster beard oil review feature
  • November 9, 2016
  • Bobert Brush
Oil Name: The Ringmaster Supplier: Bobo's Beard Company Sample Size: 50ml Origin: UK
Carrier Oils: Argan, Coconut, Grapeseed  
Essential Oils: Frangipani  

Project scorecard

Buy now "An exceptionally nourishing beard product with a fantastic frangipani fragrance!"

Opening Comments

Today’s specimen makes its way to us from Norfolk, England.

It’s called “The Ringmaster” – by Bobo’s Beard Company.

Bobo’s key differentiator is that they use “top quality” argan oil.

As in, not just any old argan oil – like the ones thrown out with Sainsbury’s out of date value egg sandwiches –

But the very finest argan oil known to humanity!

I’m a big believer in quality ingredients making a big difference in a beard oil recipe.

And there’s a lot to be said for simplicity too – Bobo uses only 4 ingredients, with a single essential oil.

So let’s take it straight to the performance test.


This is genuinely one of the best oils out there for lingerability.

You can sense the frangipani fragrance in your beard for upwards of 3 hours!

That eclipses the vast majority of beard oil products on the market – despite their claims.

98% Excellent


Bobo has been generous with his dosing of frangipani essential oil.

This is evident when it comes to the emanation factor.

This specimen was able to achieve a almost unprecedented 1.76 ft emanation!

95% Potent & Proud

Emotional Response

Bobo makes use of just a single essential oil for the fragrance of his recipe:


Just like many of these secret oils, frangipani comes with it’s own long list of benefits you’ve never heard of.
When inhaling the aroma from my beard, I’m struck by the alluring and mysterious scents of hot balmy nights in the tropics. Long, relaxing evenings filled with the sound of cicadas by the beach, spicy curry and cooling beers.
I simultaneously feel as if I’m on holiday and perhaps as if I should think about starting to become a circus strong man.

90% – Impressive

frangipani beard oil


One of the downsides of argan oil is that is carries a reputation for being a little on the greasy side.

I suspect this may be the reason Bobo’s Beard Company elected to include a little grapeseed oil in their mixture – to calm the recipe down slightly.

They’ve done a decent job. Whilst this isn’t the driest beard oil available, it doesn’t have a deal-breaking greasiness issue either.

82% Reasonable 

Hair Impact

You can’t argue with the nourishing properties that Bobo delivers with his beard oil.

You’ve got a serious base here – concocted of argan oil and coconut oil – the two single most nourishing oils in the industry.

The blend makes my beard hair notably lustrous, smooth and dense. It also adds some serious volume.
In fact, I trust this product so much, I use it in my 7 year old daughter’s hair as a conditioner after washing it! She loves the smell of the frangipani and the oils genuinely nourish the hair – leaving her looking as if she’s just fallen out of a TV ad for hair conditioner!
99% Virtually Unbeatable

Skin Impact

This oil surprised me in the skin impact test.

I wasn’t expecting too much – as the carrier oils are mainly known for their hair benefits – but after application, the skin under my beard seemed moisturized and fresh.

85% Effective


A nice big 50ml screw top bottle of The Ringmaster will set you back £17.99. Postage (within UK) is $3.90. International shipping is available and priced at checkout.

Therefore, the price per ml is £0.73.

My extensive consumer guide to the UK beard oil industry tells me the median price per ml is £0.60 precisely.

As such, The Ringmaster is actually in the 81st percentile, which determines a base value score of 21%

However, I am awarding two adjustments.

Firstly an adjustment of 20% for the quality of the argan oil used. This stuff must be seriously expensive.

Secondly, a further adjustment of 20% for uniqueness – given the exceptionally high score received in the Hair Impact test.

61% Doable


So, overall, based on the weighted factoring of all criteria, The Ringmaster by Bobo’s Beard Company scores an awesome:

92% An exceptionally nourishing beard product with a fantastic frangipani fragrance!

Bobert Brush

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