Canadian Beard Oil: 2016 Consumer Guide

  • June 6, 2016
  • Bobert Brush

Welcome gents.

This is the 2016 Bobert Brush consumer guide to Canadian Beard Oil.

Strictly no bullshit.

As I was travelling the world on my committed mission to gather and grade every single beard oil existing on this planet, it occurred to me that in the spirit of benevolence I should share my findings with the world.

The fact of the matter is that I have become the world’s leading expert on beard oil.

I’ve analysed over 157 specimens so far. I look at the company, the recipe, the number of oils, the production costs, the price per ml and scientifically grade the performance. I even interview the founders to find out what makes them tick.

Nobody approaches beard oil more rigorously than Bobert Brush.

So after I experienced all the passion, love and commitment that the beard oil artisans of Canada had to offer, I just had to write this consumer guide.

If you are on the look out to buy beard oil in Canada, you simply have to read this article.

Beard Oil Canada: 2016 Consumer Guide

Industry History

The below chart from Google Trends shows interest in beard oil within Canada since 2005.

You can clearly see that local interest mirrors the global trend. The industry emerges in 2014 and we see two huge spikes on the subsequent Christmases.

trend beard oil canada

Global Trends

Likewise, the global trend of interest in ‘beard oil’ reflects the increased interest over the festive seasons and displays an obvious upwards trend line into 2016 and beyond.

trends beard oil worldwide vs beard products canada

Now, this diagram below represents regional interest in beard oil globally. As you can see, Canada sits firmly in bronze position as the 3rd largest beard oil hub globally.

beard products canada global context


I will be utterly transparent concerning the set of methods I have used to compile this guide.

I have analysed all vendors that meet the following criteria:

  • Company headquarters based in Canada
  • Produce beard oil locally in Canada
  • Sell their product online
  • Have their own website
  • Sell 1 or more products labelled as ‘beard oil’ (I have not included ‘beard balm’ or ‘beard wax’, etc.)
  • Post this product via direct mail within Canada
  1. Company headquarters based in Canada
  2. Produce beard oil locally in Canada
  3. Sell their product online

Smaller artisans who do not have their own websites and sell on platforms such as Amazon or Etsy are not included in this report. I will issue a separate report for these artisans in the future.

Likewise, websites that simply re-sell other companies products are not considered as beard oil vendors for this report.


For each vendor I then produce the below metrics.

If a vendor offers more than a single variety of beard oil, I identify the most representative sample from that seller’s range.

For the most part, beard oil vendors tend to provide their various products at the same price. There would be little benefit to include multiple samples from each vendor in my analysis, as this would skew the data towards those vendors offering more products.

Largest Volume (ml)

This is the largest size of beard oil product sold by the vendor, in milliliters (ml). If the vendor only sells in one size, that size is listed here. If the vendors sells in multiple sizes, this lists the greatest size.

Price (CAD)

This is the price in Canadian Dollars (CAD) of the largest volume product sold, exclusive of Postage & Packaging


This is the price in CAD of the Postage & Packaging, for shipment to Canada only.

If the vendor offers multiple postage options, the standard option is selected.

Pricing for international shipment (if offered) is not included in this metric.

Total Price (CAD)

= Price + P&P

Price Per ml (CAD)

This is the Total Price / Largest Volume.

Or in other words, it’s the price per ml inclusive of postage and packaging. Postage and packaging prices are arbitrary in a sense, given the profit margins on beard oil are so high. This is the most telling metric and gives you a relative picture of the value of the oil compared to the market median.

Number of Carrier Oils

This metric states the number of carrier oils contained in the product.

Again, if a vendor offers multiple products, the most representative sample is chosen. In the majority of cases, beard oil vendors have a common base (carrier oil mixture) to which they may add various scents (essential oils) to make up different product lines.

Note: some beard oil vendors inexplicably neglect to list their ingredients – either on their bottles or on their websites. In these cases, these metrics are omitted.

Number of Essential Oils

Likewise, this is the number of essential oils in the recipe.

It is common for vendors to have to have a thin range for the number of essential oils they include in their recipes. I.e., a vendor will have one product with 3 essentials oils and another with 4.  It is not common to find a vendor that sells one product with 4 essential oils and one with 8 essential oils. So, once again, when multiple products exist, the most representative sample is taken.

Note: Vitamin E is considered as an essential oil for this report.

Primary Base Oil

This metric reflects the carrier oil that is contained in the highest proportion in the recipe.

I identify this from the oil that is listed first on the ingredients list on the manufacturers website or bottle.

Canadian Beard Oil – Results

Total number of beard oil vendors: 58

beard oil canada results

So the results are in.

Canadian beard oil is following the global trend and has settled on 30ml bottles as the de facto standard.

Interestingly, the average price per ml is exactly $1. This gives you the consumer an easy rule of thumb to follow.

The average price is $24.50 and $31.24 inclusive of P&P.

Again Canadian beard oil follows in the global pattern with the median number of carrier and essential oils being 4 each. Of note is one outlayer specimen that had 50 essential oils contained in it!

The most popular Primary Base Oil was Argan Oil, with 15 of 58 artisans using this substance for the bulk of their product. This is an interesting contrast to the Australians, who opted for Jojoba as their national primary base oil.

secret recipes in beard oil canadaThe Canadians are intensely secretive about their beard oil recipes! More so than any other nation I have yet analysed.

The extent of the Canadian guardedness is such that only half of all producers are willing to list their essential oil blends on their websites!

The rest simply refer to an ‘essential oil blend’ or a ‘propriety blend’, some even going as far as to state a ‘secret recipe’.

This alludes to a growing paranoia about the very best beard oil recipes being ‘stolen’ and reproduced at cheaper prices.

Now I’m fine with secret recipes, but it does raise the very real issue of regulatory product labeling guidelines. Consumers have a right to know exactly what they are buying for their money.

Canadian Beard Oil – Conclusions

So what conclusions can the average Canadian citizen draw from this report?

The key consumer guidelines are as follows:

  • There are 58 online beard oil vendors operating locally out of Canada.
  • The average price per ml is $1. Any product more expensive than this should have a reasonable justification. It doesn’t mean it’s not worth it, but be aware.
  • Consider ordering from overseas. Great deals are available all around the world, even taking into account P&P.
  • Whilst 30ml bottles have become the standard, bigger bottles are available and may provide better value (however check the price per ml)

The Canadian Beard Oil industry is thriving.

There are hundreds of creative and unique products to choose from.

Just be aware of my consumer guidelines and you should have a wonderful experience purchasing Canadian beard oil, whether you are are local Canadian or a customer from overseas who fancies sampling a specimen from the range that Canadian artisans have to offer.

Here are some of my favorite Canadian beard oils for you to check out:

Until next time.

Bobert Brush

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