Winter Spice by Beard & Brawn

  • June 17, 2016
  • Bobert Brush
Specimen #: 019 Oil Name: Winter Spice Supplier: Beard & Brawn Sample Size: 30ml Origin: Canada
Carrier Oils: Sweet almond, Grapeseed, Jojoba, Argan, Avocado, Coconut, Castor  
Essential Oils: Peppermint, pine, frankincense, myrrh  

Project scorecard

Buy now "A highly nourishing blend with a deep aroma reminiscent of festive times. Recommended."

Opening Comments

beard brawn beard oil reviewIt’s not an easy life being a professional beard oil collector.

I have to prime my beard, examine myself endlessly in the mirror and strain my nostrils multiple times every day.

But Bobert Brush is the man for the job and always puts his utmost professionalism into analysing every specimen he gathers from around the globe.

Today’s little bottle of beard oil has been harvested all the way from Winnipeg, Canada – where it has been lovingly hand brewed by the chaps at Beard & Brawn. This small artisan apothecary was started by two friends Dan & Kyle in 2015, as part of their quest for the ultimate in quality.

The product on paper is a winner. We have a blend of 7 carrier oils, including the incredibly nourishing but oft-neglected coconut, avocado and castor oils. The essential oil blend itself is a wintry concoction and goes by the name of the “Winter Spice”. Festive!

Alright, let’s get down to the real business and see how this specimen fares through the rigors of the best beard oil review processes in existance.


This specimen lingered for precisely 35 minutes before fading into obscurity and becoming undetectable from the natural aroma of my facial hair.

This is just slightly more than the industry average benchmark of 30 minutes, so I will score slightly above the median for lingerabilty.

58% Around Average


The nature of this husky wintery blend, is such that one imagines its purpose is to protect a man against chilling, harsh winter blasts of a cold, soulless wind.

The scent is intimate and protective. It is not the type of aroma that should be blasted across the room with a high potency emanation.

I believe the Beard & Brawn crew have used precisely the right amount of essential oils in this recipe. Just enough to give a subtle, spicy wintry goodness that is in tune with the essence of the scent.

This was backed up by the formal test, where the specimen fared just about average with the aroma being detectable within a 1.2 foot range on the emanation meter.

75%. Pleasantly Subtle.

Emotional Response

First you are hit with the sweet, warming tones of peppermint.

Secondly you are surrounded by the husky, mountainside aroma of Canadian pines.

Lastly, the experience gives way to the subtle, slightly sweet, slightly earthy background charisma of frankincense and myrrh.

The Winter Spice transported me away to a land where I was protected against the elements and every conceivable danger, firstly by my unfathomably thick fur coat but secondly by my unfathomably dense and ferocious beard.

After I emerged from the heart breaking cold, I traipsed into the protective bubble of my warming family home, to sit by the roaring fire side, sip on mulled wine and nibble on wintry treats – as the warmth coming from the hearth activated the fulfilling oils nestled in my facial hair.

A scent for a serious man in a festive season.

89% – Very good.

review beardbrawn closeup


Being based predominantly on almond and grapeseed oil, the Winter Spice is one of the thinner beard oils on the market. I was worried that the castor oil (one of the thicker carrier oils) content might increase the greasiness of this specimen but it was not so.

It appears that the carrier oil blend in the Winter Spice has been perfectly formulated to deeply nourish the beard hair whilst remaining non-greasy. The Beard & Brawn crew has achieved this by using thinner oils as the primary bases, with the thicker more nourishing oils in smaller amounts. Genius!

Suffice to say this recipe scores exceptionally in the greasiness stakes!

This was re-enforced in the formal race where the specimen literally sprinted its way across the 21cm glass substrate in 18 seconds (compared to a 30 second baseline).

95% for greasiness. Exceptional.

Hair Impact

Where the Winter Spice really stands out from the crowd is in the hair impact department.

The aforementioned, virtually perfect blend of carrier oils does a great job of nourishing the facial hair and adding that wonderful lustrous sheen that we look for from a good beard oil.

Even softness was measurably increased as the post application blu-tac impressions in the formal test seemed to be marginally less deep than prior.


96% for hair impact – Can’t ask for better.

Skin Impact

I actually chanced upon a little ‘beardruff’ in my beard this morning (quite rare for me – given I test so many beard oils!) so I thought I had stumbled upon the perfect chance to test the skin impact abilities of this specimen.

And as might be expected, the Winter Spice managed to clear it all up completely!

Wonderful performance. The only thing that prevents me from scoring the specimen over 90% is the fact I believe this oil only achieved an 87% sink rate – with a very subtle, almost undetectable layer left on the skin where I applied it.

83% for skin impact. Effective.


A standard 30ml bottle of the Winter Spice will cost you $25 (CAD) with P&P (within Canada) of $10 for a Total Price of $35. International postage is available and priced at checkout.

This equates to $1.17 per ml.

My complete analysis of the Canadian beard oil industry tells us the average market price of beard oil in Canada is exactly $1.00 per ml.

Therefore the Winter Spice is priced over the market average and in fact falls into the upper 77th percentile of the market range.

However, I must make adjustments for the greater than average number of carrier oils in the recipe. The industry average is 4, whereas this specimen contains 7. I will adjust 30% for this.

Therefore, I award the Winter Spice:

53% for Value. Average.


So, overall, based on the weighted factoring of all criteria, the Winter Spice by Beard & Brawn scores an awesome:


A highly nourishing blend with a deep aroma reminiscent of festive times. Recommended.

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Bobert Brush

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