West Indian Lime by The Barber’s Brew Grooming Co.

barbers brew range spiced pomelo, amalfi coast, sicilian citrus
  • November 8, 2016
  • Bobert Brush
Oil Name: West Indian Lime Supplier: The Barber's Brew Grooming Co. Sample Size: 30ml Origin: Canada
Carrier Oils: Sweet almond, Avocado, Jojoba, Argan  
Essential Oils: Lime, Bay, Ginger, Black Pepper  

Project scorecard

Buy now "A joyful and uplifting scent that will bring a smile to any bearded man's face!"

Opening Comments

What’s blue, smells absolutely incredible and has a sketch of a tough looking mustachio’d bouncer on the front?

That’s right.

A bottle of Barber’s Brew beard oil.

This specimen is known as the West Indian Lime and comes to us all the way from the Barbers Brew HQ in Toronto, Canada.

It’s a glorious recipe – comprising lime, bay, ginger & black pepper.

Really great to see a fresh and original beard oil scent on the table today!

Let’s see how it fares my rigorous regime of tests.


This oil definitely stayed around for a reasonable amount of time.

50 minutes in fact. Compared to the benchmark average of 30.

The fresh, fruity notes are a pleasure to inhale as they randomly pop out from your chops and into your nostrils.

89% Excellent


This is one of the more potent beard oils out there, make no doubt about it.

There’s something to be said for an oil that gives a beard a real aroma that will emanate more than a few inches!

Using the emanation metre – and a double salt-water nostril cleanse – I measured a 1.5 foot emanation.

Invigorating and delightful.

90% Just right

Emotional Response

From the moment you open the bottle and the bold tones whaft up into your nostrils, you know you’re in for something special with this oil.

The West Indian Lime has a strong, clear and decisive aroma.

It’s invigorating above all else.

The freshness of the lime, the spice of the ginger, the crisp aromatic hint of black pepper – all bought together by the timeless tone of bay – hit you with a fragrance that’s almost delicious.

If you start your day with this oil on a bright summer’s morning, I guarantee it will bring a big smile of joy to your face – as it did mine.

Note: I’ve also sampled the rest of the range from Barbers’s Brew. Spiced Pomelo, Amalfi Coast and Sicilian Citrus. Each is also delicious and uplifting – it’s its own unique way.

95% – Uplifting!


Argan oil is becoming seemingly more popular by the day, in the beard oil brewing community.

It’s rare that a day goes by where I see a specimen that doesn’t contain it.

And whilst it’s undeniably one of the best oils for nourishing hair, it is also a heavier oil.

You can feel the heaviness of the West Indian Lime – but many bearded gents do in fact look for this heavier effect.

79% Not bad

Hair Impact

There’s no doubt that this oil delivers when it comes to nourishing your beard hair.

Avocado oil has many wonderful benefits, but is oft neglected when it comes to beard oil recipes.

My beard developed a noteworthy sheen and lustre after using this mixture.

91% Wonderful

Skin Impact

Without a doubt the therapeutic mixture of almond, jojoba and avocado will moisturize and nourish your skin.

It did to mine.

I wouldn’t go all out and recommend this as a face oil though, due to the previously mentioned high argan content.

80% for skin impact. Effective.


A 30ml bottle of West Indian Lime will set you back $28 (CAD), with Postage (within Canada) being $7. International shipping is available and priced at checkout.

Therefore, the price per ml is $1.17.

My extensive consumer guide to Canadian beard oil tells me the median price per ml for Canadian beard oil is $1 precisely.

As such, the West Indian Lime is slightly above the market average.

In fact it’s in the 77th percentile. This gives a base value score of 23%.

However, I am awarding an adjustment of 35% for uniqueness – based on the highly notable scent the West Indian Lime has achieved.

58% Around Average


So, overall, based on the weighted factoring of all criteria, the West Indian Lime by Barber’s Brew scores an awesome:


A joyful and uplifting scent that will bring a smile to any bearded man’s face!

Bobert Brush

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