How To Apply Beard Oil

  • May 1, 2016
  • Bobert Brush

Since I started harvesting and reviewing the planet Earth’s entire stock of beard oils, I’ve racked up a fair amount of experience in smothering the stuff on my chops.

I routinely apply beard oil upto 10 times per day!

I’m going to go out on a limb and proclaim myself an expert in the matter.

Turns out there is a lot of propaganda and disinformation out there on the subject.

To be fair, when I first embarked on this journey, I had only just heard of beard oil.

But I’ve taken the journey very seriously and scientifically investigated everything along the way – including the best way to apply.

Read on to get the real deal, that the other sites won’t tell you.

The 3 Big Myths of How to Use Beard Oil

How much beard oil do I need? Only a few drops!

I am constantly shocked by the number of web sites and even product labels that say something like “apply 1-2 drops, that is enough – don’t go overboard”.

This is really pulling the wool over your eyes!

Firstly, it is no use counting drops.

Secondly, always err on the generous side.

It’s only oil – it’s not really some mystic super potent elixir.

A couple of drops is just going to get lost in a beard. Experiment. If you are generous, you amplify the positive effects of applying beard oil in the first place.

I expect some of the more renegade beard oil manufacturers simply want to play down the amount of oil you need to truly benefit from the stuff. Otherwise customers would demand larger bottle sizes, which would make a huge dent in their profit margins!

Luckily, on The Beard Oil Pledge, we rank oils according to value based on price per ml, competing against a transparently calculated industry benchmark average.

How often to use beard oil? Only once a day!

Sure, you can apply once a day. If that’s all you have time for, then great.

But, if you really want sport a beard that is going to stop people in their tracks when you walk down the street, then you want to apply 2-3 “coats” every day.

Think of it like painting a wall. Would you just apply one coat and then walk away saying “we’re done, boys!”. Nope. You would put on one application – leave it to dry and absorb – and then apply a second and possibly third layer.

The same theory applies to beard oil!

With one coat, you are really only just priming the surface. The true benefits and results start to shine through, from the second application.

I wait around 20 minutes after the first coat for it to absorb into the hair and skin. Then I apply a second coat just before leaving the house.

You can then add a third coat later in the day, if you are feeling hardcore and really want to make your facial hair stand out.

The best time to apply beard oil is fresh out of the shower!

One that goes down as pure bullshit in Bobert Brush’s book is the common recommendation that you should apply the beard oil when your beard is warm and fresh out of the shower.

When I first heard this, it seemed like sensible enough advice: the pores of your skin would be open, your hair would be soft and your entire facial region would be prefectly primed for the impending deployment of the beard oil.

In reality – when I tested this procedure in a double-blind, placebo controlled experiment – I found that it really doesn’t make any difference at all. In fact, if anything, I tend to think that the presence of water in the beard literally “waters down” the oil and prevents it from being properly absorbed into the hair.

Applying the stuff when you are fresh out of the shower is great, but just make sure to dry your beard with a towel first.

Otherwise, I have found there is absolutely no difference to applying beard oil in the middle of the day – hours after I have had a shower.

Another beard oil myth bites the dust!

3 Secret Tips to Apply Beard Oil

Try not to strip the oils from your beard too often.

When you wash your beard with shampoo (even a special beard shampoo), it strips all of the natural oils from the hair and leaves it dry and bristly!

When you shower and even just put water through your beard, it removes some of the natural oils and product you have applied! When you take a shower, try not to wash too much of the oil out.

If you are like me, you always get your beard wet when you shower – but try not to kill it too much.

If you go for a swim then you pretty much have to start over as well. The chlorine or salt will strip your hair bare.

The other thing that will deplete oil levels in your beard is ‘playing with it’ too much.

This is a hard one for me, but I have found it does make a difference.

I am constantly stroking my beard – in a contemplative fashion.

I don’t suggest you stop touching your beard completely (I’m not), but do bear in mind when you do you are stripping away a small amount of the oil you have applied.

It is probably negligible, but I do believe it makes a difference. It is more pronounced after you have just applied it, so try not to touch too much for 20 minutes or so until all the oil has sunk in.

Apply beard oil with a weekly timeframe in mind

So again, the main thing to remember is that: whenever you wash your beard you start the process afresh.

So, the process of “painting” (to use the same analogy again) your beard with beard oil is something you should approach with a weekly timeframe in mind.

It all comes down to how often you shampoo your beard. I don’t recommend doing this too regularly, as you are drying the hair out and killing off all those beautiful oils.

I can get away with washing my beard once a week.

(If this sounds like a long time to you, just think about cave men or hunter gatherers! They would rarely have washed their beards – especially not with modern chemical shampoos!).

Immediately after shampooing your beard, always apply at least 2 coats (with 20 minute absorption time) to replenish the oil levels in the dehydrated hairs.

A few days after shampoo, your beard is at its optimum point. It has rebuilt its natural oil base and has the accumulated benefits of a few days worth of beard oil.

At this stage, you can drop down to once per day application, if you wish.

Or if you really want to show the world what you are capable of, keep going with 2-3 times per day application.

After a week of this, my beard is so soft and shiny I literally get unprovoked comments from people in the street saying how incredibly shiny my beard is!

The sun literally gleams off it.

And not in a greasy, horrible way – in a mind-bendingly lustrous way!

Rub the remaining beard oil in your hair and skin!

Yours hands are going to be covered in oil residue at the end of The Blaster.

There’s really no need to wash your hands (especially with a harsh soap). Your hands can benefit from the beard oil and you can avoid chemical soaps at the same time!

Simple: just rub your hands into your hair (the hair on top of your head) until all the oil is gone! The tiny amount of oil that’s left on your hands will be great for your hair – without going overboard and giving it a greasy look. Trust me, try it!

To get rid of it all, you need to methodically rub – right into your scalp – for up to 20 seconds. It’s worth it and much quicker than washing and drying your hands!

Finally, don’t forget the skin around your neck – especially if your skin is a little dry. If you have a goatee, or some style of beard where you shave the side parts, then the sides of your face will really benefit as well.

Our skin really benefits from oil! Don’t forget that the Romans used to wash with olive oil! Don’t worry about looking greasy, the tiny amounts remaining after rubbing into your hair will be easily absorbed and help to make your skin look healthy.

The 2 Main Beard Oil Application Techniques

There are a few different ways you can smother the stuff on your chops. It’s not rocket science, but here are the techniques I use.

The Blaster

The blaster is the most common of the modern day techniques.

Simply pour the desired amount into the middle of one of your hands.

Give the hands a circular rub.

And smear it all into your beard! Make sure all the surface area of your hands and fingers runs through all of your beard hair.

Massage your fingers into the skin and follicles, right to the bottom of the beard.

You want the stuff evenly applied all the way throughout the beard and including the skin.

Optional: warming the oil:

Some pundits recommend first “warming the oil” by rubbing your hands together first. I am still experimenting with this method, to determine whether it provides any positive benefit or whether it actually just results in more oil being absorbed into your hands than your beard.

One thing to be said about this optional extra is that it does make the oil smell wonderful in your hands!

The Dabbler

The dabbler is the second most common of the well-known techniques.

To be fair, it is a much more “dainty” technique.

I really only recommend The Dabbler for an application of the “second coat” of beard oil.

To perform the technique, pour the oil into the centre of your hand. Instead of rubbing your hands together, just “dab” one or two fingers into the sauce and then ‘apply’ it to your beard in the required spots.

It’s a bit of an art, but again not exactly rocket science. Just make sure to penetrate all the way to the roots.

So what next, Bob?

Well, if you haven’t already, check out the best beard oils in all of humanity and treat yourself a nice exotic beard oil specimen.

If you already have a stock of oil, then you are free to go start grooming your beard :-)

Good luck.

Bobert Brush

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