The Journey Man by The 2 Bits Man

  • June 12, 2016
  • Bobert Brush
Specimen #: 017 Oil Name: The Journey Man Supplier: The 2 Bits Man Sample Size: 30ml Origin: USA
Carrier Oils: Grapeseed oil, Vitamin E  
Essential Oils: Vanilla, Blood Orange  

Project scorecard

Buy now "An oil with a delicious, bold aroma that is good value for money. Great stuff."

Opening Comments

2 bits man beard oil review crewToday’s specimen arrives to us from US based outfit The 2 Bits Man.

The company presents itself very professionally. There is no backyard brewing or bathtub mixing going on here. The lads have it sorted and the branding of the product is spot on. The bottles are a lovely shape, with a nice fitting cap and a “shake out” applicator which works reasonably well.

Regular readers will know that Bobert Brush doesn’t discriminate though. It’s what’s inside the bottle that counts.

The 2 Bits Man crew have chosen to keep their recipe simple, with only a single carrier oil – being grapeseed – and a couple of essential oils. On paper, we have to wonder how such a simple recipe could compare with beard oils that are blended from upwards of ten ingredients.

But then theory and practice are different beasts, so let’s see how this specimen fares as I put it through the rigors of my review methodology.


Lingerability is decent with this oil.

I kept sniffing and found that the core aroma faded after 35 minutes (benchmark average being 30 minutes).

After this time, the scent mixes undetectably with the natural aromas of your facial hair.

It’s really a rather pleasant lingering experience, I must say.

70% for lingerabilty. Good.


This is a strong product. I believe that top quality essential oils have been used in this product, as the scents are clear, strong and distinct.

You are not left in any doubt as to what you are applying to your face.

This is backed up by the results of the formal emanation test, where the specimen scored a 1.55 foot penetration (benchmark average being 1 foot).


90%. Outstanding!

Emotional Response

Clean, full and meaty vanilla notes combine perfectly with the subtle citrus sweetness of blood orange.

This is a deliberate and well executed combination. The two top quality essential oils do the job. The notes are bold and do not beg for any additional complexity.

The initial sweetness fades to a delicious, sticky, dark citrus musk that combines perfectly with the subtle scent of your natural hair.

Really wonderful and a great way to start the day!

93% – Sublime.


Grapeseed based recipes always seem to score well in the greasiness stakes. This is because grapeseed oil is quite a thin oil. This specimen was no exception.

The lighter base oil doesn’t leave any nasty residue behind it.

This is backed up in the formal race, where the oil completed the 21cm glass substrate in just 25 seconds (compared to a 30 second benchmark).

91% for greasiness. Impressive performance.

Hair Impact

Look, putting this oil in my beard definitely improved manageability and delivered a degree of conditioning power.

However, the fact is that a grapeseed only based product can’t compete with oils that also have other therapeutic agents in the mixture in such as coconut oil, argan oil or moringa oil.

On my journey, I’ve reviewed 16 beard oils now. I can easily tell the difference between a grapeseed only product and a more balanced recipe.

That’s not to say this specimen did a bad job. In fact, I award:

78% for hair impact – Reasonable.

Skin Impact

Likewise with skin impact, the grapeseed recipe performed well, however perhaps not quite as well as specimens that have jojoba or almond oil included.

My skin was a little dry before applying this sauce and the specimen definitely helped moisturise the skin.

80% for skin impact. Effective.


A 30ml bottle of the 2 Bits Man will set you back $15 (USD) with $3 P&P for a Total Price of $18.

This equates to $0.6 per ml.

I have not yet completed a full analysis of the US beard oil industry (stay tuned), however my preliminary data set suggests the average market price of beard oil in the US is $0.78 per ml.

Therefore, the 2 Bits Man is better than average value.

75% for Value. Better than average market value.


So, overall, based on the weighted factoring of all criteria, the Journey Man by The 2 Bits Man scores an awesome:


An oil a delicious, bold aroma that is good value for money. Great stuff.

Bobert Brush

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