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It’s really simple..

When you use The Beard Oil Pledge to buy oils marked with the Golden Thumbs Up, I earn a commission on the sale. After deducting the running costs of this website, I donate all the profits to our 3 key charities!

We gather the world’s beard oils
You buy oil via The Beard Oil Pledge
I donate all money to our charities

3 year
project roadmap

Over the next 3 years, I plan to collect 500 beard oils from the world.

Year 1

50 beard oils gathered -
$50,000 to charity

Year 2

250 beard oils gathered -
$150,000 to charity

Year 3

500 beard oils gathered -
$300,000 to charity

I relentlessly gather the planet’s beard oils into one place. From hidden apothecaries in the Himalayas and Finnish boutiques, to megabrands in the States.

And I’m using the power of this giant experiment to try to help hungry and sick children.


My name is Bobert Brush.

And I am obsessed with beard oil!

I collect the stuff, just like some people collect butterflies or fine wines.

I hunt down specimens, review them, label them and grade them.

My goal is for my hobby to help you find the right beard oil for your needs!

And hopefully help some of the world’s poorest people at the same time.

I believe this is the largest and most honest beard oil review site out there. I’ve seen a lot of websites with around 5-10 reviews. But to be honest, I doubt if some of these guys have even tried the oils they are recommending!

When I created The Beard Oil Pledge I set out to create the most extensive and detailed selection of beard oil reviews available anywhere in the world.


When I picked the charities to donate our profits to, I wanted to choose real, honest organisations – not huge faceless corporations. Each of these groups is small enough that they aren’t burdened with excess admin, gobbling up your donation. I have contacts with each of these charities and will be visiting their HQs to deposit the cheques myself – stay tuned for photos!

Fred Hollows Foundation

Has restored sight to over 2 million children and adults going needlessly blind across Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Often with simple, 20 minute operation.

Mary's Meals

Provides life-changing meals to some of the world’s poorest children every day they attend school. Started out of a tin shed, Mary’s Meals has grown now – but still runs its HQ from the same shed!

International Children's Fund

Started by a Wisconsin pastor, ICF works to meet the desperate need of countless African children living in slums - pulling them away from the brink of starvation and disease.

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Dude No. 1 by MCMC Fragrances

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Mountain Man by Illbury + Goose

Opening Comments Some days Bobert Brush is inclined to think that every man and his neighbor is starting to produce beard oil.

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The Ringmaster by Bobo's Beard Company

Opening Comments Today’s specimen makes its way to us from Norfolk, England. It’s called “The Ringmaster” – by Bobo’s Beard

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